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What's On at The Watersplash

Chill out and party at the Island's favourite music nightspot, check out our popular events diary for upcoming gigs

What's On at The Watersplash

GOOD Vibrations After Party - London Calling UK: The Clash Tribute

Saturday 01 June - 22:00

Fans of The Clash, we give you ……. London Calling UK: The Clash Tribute!

This years GOOD Vibrations after party is spearheaded by a tribute to the 80s punk rock lords The Clash. "London Calling UK" have established themselves as one of the best Clash cover bands in recent years and we can not wait to welcome them to The Watersplash on June 1st. London Calling UK will headline the main room accompanied by two local bands as support upstairs.

A mix of drum & bass and 80s disco bangers make up the final two rooms downstairs. We have the privilege of working with the boys at Subfactory + JE3 who will be on hosting duties in room 2 answering to all you D n B heads.

Room 3 will once again see some of Jersey's finest DJ's digging out their old records and going in as their 80s alter egos in an attempt to be crowned 80s king.


London Calling UK was formed in 2004 as a one-off gig for charity and to celebrate the life of The Clash singer, Joe Strummer who passed away in 2002. Their performance gathered rave reviews and the band were requested to play the whole set again with half the audience joining on stage!

The band decided to sharpen up their tools and turn it into a proper The Clash tribute act and have since gone on to perform shows all across USA and Europe bedazzling crowds with their brilliant renditions of songs from The Clash. The band were also asked and featured in the Julien Temple directed Joe Strummer film 'The Future Is Unwritten'.

This will be London Calling UK's first trip to Jersey and will surely have the whole of The Watersplash jumping and singing along to old Clash classics like 'train in vain', 'police on my back' rock the casbah' 'London calling' and many other now famous punk rock songs that have massively influenced shaped the music industry we hear today.

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GOOD Vibrations After Party